How to Create a Page Title that will Assist You in Ranking Your KW Agent Website Template

Page titles are one of the most critical elements of SEO.  Having a descriptive page title that includes important keywords to the content on the page is critical.  Each page on your site should have different keywords that you are targeting.  Using the same page title for every page on your site is a terrible idea.  The search engines may see these pages as duplicate content and not index them.  In addition, your page title is what shows up as the link in the search engines to your site.   So be strategic in what you choose as your page title, and keep it under ten words if possible.  Keyword stuffing your title doesn't work well and looks bad!

The order in which you show your keywords is also important.  Your most important keyword terms need to be first in your page title.

Here are some excellent example page titles (title tag) for SEO placement of your KW Agent Website Template:
  • Whitefish Bay Real Esate
  • Homes for Sale in Driftwood, Kyle and Buda
  • Real Estate | Homes for Sale | Leander, TX
Here are some unfortunate choices as a page title (these are real examples):
  • Your Realtor for Life
  • Your Name (unless you have great brand name recognition)
  • Awsome Real Estate
  • Your Real Estate Consultant