How to Get Inbound Links to Your KW Website Template Site

First off, link trading doesn't do you much good.  In the SEO industry this is referred to as reciprocal linking.  Reciprocal linking on a small scale with relevant peers is a good idea.  Joining a link farm is a terrible idea.  It will hurt your site and increase your chances of getting banned.

Here are some ideas to get inbound links to your KW Agent Template Website:

  1. Create a blog about real estate, your local area, your local economy, a niche market you serve (vacation, luxury, sporting related, etc).  Create a link from your blog to your website.  Search engines love blogs.  KW provides a blog to every agent.  There are also free blogs from companies like Google (
  2. Create really good content other people will want to link to.  Specific pages of well known and established vendors and service providers can be an excellent way for others to link to you.
  3. Think about a PPC campaign...pick niche terms and set a budget.  It's a great way to experiment and see what works and what doesn't.  I would recommend being extremely conservative with your budget at the beginning.  It's nice to get impressions, but if they don't produce leads...what's the point?  As a side note, I seen it mentioned that doing a PPC campaign can get a site in Google's index faster than any other technique...I have yet to verify this first hand.
  4. Submit your site to web directories.  DMOZ in theory works...although it can be pretty hard to get listed.  There are paid directories too.  Directories used to work really well, there's some debate about them now.
  5. Join the Better Business Bureau.
  6. Get a link from your local chamber of commerce
  7. Have some of your service providers link to you
  8. Create a Wikipedia entry about your business
  9. Participate in communities like Active Rain and Trulia Voices...I'm not positive about them passing "reputation points" back, but it certainly won't hurt.

Additional Notes on Inbound Links

It makes a significant difference what the text of your inbound links say...for example, if you've done a nice job of working with some other sites and get a nice set of inbound links, but the link text for all of them says "click here" this is NOT going to have the same effect as if the link text was "my local real estate expert."  The text of the inbound link is extremely important.

Just to reinforce the importance of having a blog...I put this site up on October 22, 2008.  On the same day I made a blog entry pointing back to this site (using the KW/TP blog tool) using some of my keywords...and on October 23, 2008 - yes, one day later...I'm indexed in Google and showing up on the first page for my keyword terms.  Now granted "KW Agent Website" isn't probably as competitive of a term as "Los Angeles Real Estate" but it does show that the technique works.