How to Create Content that will be Useful for Human Readers and Search Engines

First off, you absolutely must replace the default content if you wish to rank on the search engines.  The base buyer and seller pages are only meant as a starting point for you, not as your final content.  If you choose to use the default content, the page will not rank.  You will have duplicate content as hundreds or thousands of other KW agents.  Google generally will either credit the first site indexed with the content or the most popular.

Ok, now that we have that out of the are some absolute musts for content creation:
  • Learn how to use heading tags.  The drop down called "format" in the text editor allows you to pick a heading level for your content.  Think of it as your section summary.  For the top of the page you should be using the "Heading 1" style.  This creates an H1 HTML engines like these.  It tells them more about the page, in addition to the page title.  If you have additional sections, use the Heading 2 or Heading 3 formats as well.  I use the headings throughout this site.  Did you think I really really like the bold text?
  • Using bold and italics on important words can be helpful for search engine ranking
  • Write excellent content your readers can use.  Key ideas, like writing about neighborhoods you service or service providers in your area work great.  Basic buyer and seller information is a great idea as well, assuming you don't use the default content without modifying it.