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I Can't Find My Site in Google / These KW Agent Sites Can't Be Indexed in Google!

First off - KW Agent Websites can and are indexed in Google.  They are not seen as spam.  If someone tells you that they are spam and someone from Google told them that...they don't have their story right!

But, let's talk about some details.  You do have to let Google know your site exists.  Google isn't going to magically know you've created a new site and index you.  Google uses what are called "spiders" to find sites.  Google refreshes it's index all of the time - when a site is refreshed, Google looks at it's content and all of it's outbound links.  If it hasn't indexed one of those outbound links, it will "spider" off to that site and index it into Google.  That's the primary way Google finds new sites.  So, you ask, how do we get Google to find our site?

Probably the easiest way is to create an eAgentC blog (Step 3.10) and create a post from the blog to your agent website.  I guarantee within a day or two your agent website will be indexed.  Now it's up to you to get your keywords set and get some inbound links.

Otherwise, get someone else to list a link to your website on their website.