KW Website Template - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The purpose of this site is to show how white-hat SEO techniques can be used with Keller Williams Realty eAgentC sites to obtain to high ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Live.  This site is to debunk the myth that the Keller Williams agent websites cannot rank in Google or any of the search engines.  These sites can and do rank in all of the major search engines.  It does require *some* customization. 

I'll highlight some techniques I'm using and how you can do the same thing with your eAgentC site.

Top Five Things You Should Be Doing to Rank Your Keller Williams Template Website

  1. Pick keywords that you would like to rank's probably not realistic to rank for "real estate" or any of the other top terms alone.  Think something that's more niche related like "Whitefish Bay Real Esate" or "Waterfront Properties in Annapolis."
  2. Find natural ways of getting those terms in the content on your page.  If it's useful to your human readers, it will probably work for the search engine spiders.
  3. Add your keywords to the page title.  This is probably the single most important place to put your keywords.  It shows up as the link to your site in a search engine and it's a critical ranking factor.  Keep your title to ten words or less.
  4. Add a nice meta-description to describe your page.  This is the text that's used as the summary in search engines like Google.  Make sure it has the keywords you selected in #1.
  5. If possible, request a domain name that has at least one of your keywords.  The ability to use your own custom domain without using masking is available in your KW Agent Website Template (step 1.1).

Top Five Things You Should NOT Be Doing to Rank Your Keller Williams Template Website

  1. Create a link to a "bad neighborhood."  When you link to someone else you are essentially sending "reputation points" in their direction.  If you are giving up some of your reputation to someone who is deemed as unreliable it can hurt you.  If for some reason you must link to a someone in a "bad neighborhood," use the nofollow attribute on your link.
  2. Use content from another site without permission.  Please write your own content!
  3. Excessive keyword stuffing - don't use your keywords over and over and over.  A few references in key places (title, meta-description, and a few mentions in your body text) are all that is necessary.
  4. Create invisible text that cannot be seen by humans but can be seen by search engines.  This is a flavor of what's called "cloaking" and it will get you banned.
  5. Use the default content of the KW Agent Template.  You need to spend at least a few minutes and customize any of the templated content that is provided.  It will never rank on a search engine with tens of thousands of other agents using the same content.